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We provide LPG gas in bulk tanks and cylinders to a wide range of businesses for a variety of uses. We understand the need for a supplier which provides a consistently reliable service and at a good price which is why we tailor our services for each of our business customers.

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Property Developers

A metered LPG gas supply is an efficient and cost effective option for rural housing developments, businesses and industrial parks. For rural buildings, connecting to mains gas isn't always possible, a bulk LPG gas supply offers a great alternative option.

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What We Supply



Gas cylinders are a convenient alternative to bulk supply and can be used for a huge range of applications.



We can supply, install and deliver into bulk LPG gas tanks of all sizes, depending on your specific needs.


LPG Appliances

We offer fantastic savings on a range of LPG gas appliances including heaters and fittings, such as valves and pipes.

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