Our aim is to reduce any stress and hassle with your gas supply, allowing you to continue spending your time keeping your customers as happy as possible.

The Benefits of LPG

LPG is an excellent fuel for use in the hospitality sector. It is a greener and more efficient alternative to oil, and can be used for heating swimming pools, cooking and central heating.


less CO2 per KWh than heating oil when using LPG

Pubs and Restaurants

LPG can provide all your needs for heating and cooking in the pub and restaurant trade. From one or multiple tanks and cylinder installations a constant supply is always maintained, without you needing to phone us to order.

Mobile Caterers

Whether running an LPG powered generator or gas hobs and fryers, we can provide you with the right solution to keep your business going and keep your customers happy.

Hotels and Spas

Hotels and spas can use a huge amount of gas due to heating swimming pools, saunas, cooking in restaurants and heating. We constantly assess your usage and make sure that you have the right storage options in place so that you don’t have to worry.

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