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We supply propane and butane gas bottles, as well as new LPG gas bulk tanks. We also stock various LPG appliances, including BBQs and valves, and supply to homes, businesses and the trade.

19kg Propane gas bottle

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19kg gas bottles are very popular as they can be used for a huge range of things at home and work. When installing a gas cooker we always recommend people use this size of bottle along with a 2 cylinder changeover kit. Mobile caterers often use this bottle rather than an 11kg as it give nearly double the capacity.

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A 19kg gas bottle can be used for both domestic and commercial applications. At home they are ideal for use on gas hobs and small fires; and commercially can be used for catering, heating and agriculture.

Capacity: 19kg or 37L

Tare weight (empty): 18kg (approx)

Gross weight (full): 37kg (approx)

Height: 800mm (approx)

Diameter: 315mm (approx)

Recommended maximum offtake: 18kw or 63000 BTU/hr

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