Terms and Conditions

Rectory Gas Supplies Terms and Conditions

Cylinder Terms and Conditions

Cylinders remain property of Rectory Gas Supplies (the Company) at all times and may only be filled by the Company. The customer must ensure that cylinders in their charge are not used for any purpose other than as a container for Rectory Gas. Cylinders must not be sold, hired, lent, or abandoned, nor must they be damaged or defaced in any way. The customer must retain absolute possession of the cylinders and not licence any third or other party to hold the cylinders on his behalf for any purpose whatsoever.

The customer will be liable to pay for any unreasonable damage or defacement to which a cylinder is subjected while in their charge. In the event of a cylinder being damaged beyond repair, the Company shall be entitled to charge the customer the full amount of a new replacement cylinder.

The Company shall use their best endeavors to make available filled replacement cylinders but nothing in the agreement shall be constructed as imposing upon the Company in any way a legal obligation to supply replacement cylinders to the customer.

The loan/hire of cylinders may be terminated at any time, without notice by the customer or the Company whereupon the following provisions shall have effect: (a) the customer will permit the Company and it’s duly authorised agents to enter upon the customers premises in order to collect the cylinders, whether empty of gas or not; (b) the customer shall be invoiced and pay the Company’s then current charges for that size of cylinder for any cylinders not in possession at the time of collection.