Rectory Gas Supplies Delivery Policy

Cylinder customers – we cover different areas of our region on different days of the week. This is so that we can pool as many gas bottle deliveries as possible together in order to keep costs and prices as low as possible. That said, the majority of our orders do go out for delivery the same or next day, once we receive the order. There is no extra charge for regular cylinder deliveries.

Bulk tank customers – the majority of our bulk LPG customers are delivered to on a ‘top-up’ basis. This means we will monitor your usage and schedule each customer in for a delivery when we know you will need one. If you do ever think your tank is getting lower than you would like it to, let us know and we’ll arrange a delivery as soon as possible for you. For customers who are not on our ‘top-up’ system, we recommend that you order your gas when there is no less than 20% left in the bulk tank.