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We supply propane and butane gas bottles, as well as new LPG gas bulk tanks. We also stock various LPG appliances, including BBQs and valves, and supply to homes, businesses and the trade.

High pressure changeover kit

£75.00 inc. VAT

A high pressure changeover valve is used where the appliance needs a higher pressure of LPG through than our standard valves offer.

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High pressure changeover kits are used by a lot of our pheasant rearing customers. The higher capacity valve allows a higher volume of LPG through compared with our other automatic changeover kits.

Capacity: 10 kh/hr

Outlet pressure: 1 bar

Kit includes high pressure automatic changeover regulator c/w bracket, 2 x 20″ POL to W20 pigtails, female W20 to 1/2″ female adapter, 1/2″ male/female ball valve and an emergency instruction plaque.