Forklift Trucks

Using LPG to power your forklift truck fleet offers numerous advantages over electric and diesel.

A Supplier You Can Rely On

Rectory Gas can offer the reliability and flexibility you need to meet the demands in your business. Our current forklift truck customers range from small businesses operating one forklift, using one 18kg bottle at a time, up to national haulage companies running a large fleet of trucks who have multiple bulk tanks installed.

LPG Powered Forklifts vs Diesel and Electric

LPG fork lifts have these advantages over electric and diesel – suitable for indoor and outdoor use, performs well on uneven surfaces, low maintenance, clean burning fuel.

Are You a Large Business?

For large businesses a bulk tank installation is almost always the best option. We can switch your tanks from your existing supplier with ease and install new tanks which we will always monitor and keep topped up, without you having to worry about anything. If you rent your tanks from us will also cover tank tests, any maintenance and emergency call outs.

Where 18kg gas bottles are used, and are in high demand, we can provide a service where we call to your business at an agreed frequency and exchange empty bottles for full ones.

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