Holiday Parks

We supply propane and butane gas bottles, as well as new LPG gas bulk tanks. We also stock various LPG appliances, including BBQs and valves, and supply to homes, businesses and the trade.

The Best Storage Solutions

We can supply various storage solutions to your holiday park or managed park home to suit your individual needs, such as bulk tanks, gas bottles, metered or unmetered systems. Our automatic top up service ensures that bulk tank levels are always monitored and filled when needed. If using cylinders on the park, you can be assured that individual caravans and homes will never run too low on gas as 75% of our orders go out the same or next working day. This very quick turnaround offers you peace of mind, so you can turn your attention to your most important tasks.

The Growth of LPG

Bulk LPG gas has become more and more popular for holiday parks and park homes. Where central storage tanks can be installed, gas can then be piped, and metered, to each individual caravan, log cabin or home.

The Benefits of LPG

Using LPG for your park will bring many benefits. As it is so versatile, it can be used for heating any homes, cooking in restaurants or heating swimming pools and leisure facilities. Customers also benefit from reduced carbon emissions compared with other fuels like oil.

Finding The Right Solution For You

We know that every holiday park and park home site is slightly different, and that there is no ‘one solution fits all’. For this reason, we always work very closely with park managers and staff to ensure that your individual needs are constantly being met. Downtime is something few businesses can afford, so we aim to ensure that there will be as little disruption to your site as possible when switching to us, installing new tanks or making changes to existing installations.


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