Commercial heating and cooking

We have a proven track record of supplying high priority customers, monitoring gas usage, and ensuring our supply meets the needs of your business.

Commercial Heating

LPG is an extremely versatile and cost-effective fuel. It can be used for heating a wide range of businesses. There is no charge for switching or installing our tanks and we manage the whole process for you.


Your care home will be kept a constant comfortable temperature with instant hot water for all residents with an LPG supply. We always give a very high level of service by monitoring your usage and automatically filling your tanks without an order being placed.

Warehouse and Factories

Factories and warehouses can be huge spaces to heat. We’ll work with you to come up with the best storage solution for your business. There is no charge for switching to us and we offer free tank installation.

Garden Centres

We work with several garden centres in the region. Our gas bottles and tanks provide gas for heating and cooking. We also supply gas bottles for resale, and many garden centres we supply act as stockists for us.

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