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LPG is used in agriculture and horticulture for a huge range of things. It can provide a consistent heat for greenhouses and poultry sheds, as well as, powering grain dryers and generators. Coming from a farming background ourselves, we know how important excellent service is, whilst always getting a consistently good price.


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Game and Poultry rearing

LPG is an ideal fuel for heating sheds in game and poultry rearing. Our automatic refill service means that you will never need to worry about how much gas is in your tanks, as we will always keep them topped up for you.

Crop drying and storage

We work with a huge variety of businesses which store and dry crops. From farms that may use 10 gas bottles per year for occasional grain drying to commercial dryers that have multiple bulk tank storage on site.


Using LPG to heat greenhouses will ensure that frost is kept off any crops you have growing, whilst not contaminating them in any way.

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