Autogas is a more environmentally friendly alternative than petrol or diesel for fuelling your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

Autogas is propane, the same gas used to supply homes and businesses, and given a different name when used in vehicles.


Converting vehicles to run on autogas is very simple and can offer huge savings in the cost of fuel and CO2.


less CO2 than petrol

Forecourt Owners

Having a constant reliable supply is vitally important so that you can serve your customers. We fill your tanks automatically so there is no need to order from us.

Saving you money

When a vehicle is converted to run on Autogas, a petrol tank remains in the car so that you can switch between each fuel if needed. Once your car has been converted to run on Autogas you significantly reduce your carbon footprint as opposed to driving using petrol and diesel. Key emission reductions include 15% less CO2 produced, and 120 times less fine particles.

The Benefits of Autogas

Autogas is also much cheaper than petrol, working out around 50 pence less per litre Produce icons of these figures to make them stand out more. A person who drives an average petrol-powered car 10,000 miles per year can save around £600 and 0.7 tonnes of CO2 per year by converting to autogas (depends on current prices). You can enter your annual mileage and fuel costs into this calculator from Drive LPG to see how much money and CO2 you could save –


If you decide to convert your car to Autogas you should always use a UKLPG approved installer. All UKLPG approved installers have technicians whose work has ben inspected to ensure competency in all industry safety standards, and whose premises are also inspected at random. An UKLPG approved Autogas installer in your area can be found here –

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