Rectory Gas Supplies Household Services

Established in 1988, we began supplying LPG gas to homes near our base in Yorkshire and have continued to look after a lot of the same customers today, almost 30 years on. We take great pride in providing all of our customers with a brilliant service that is good value for money.

What We Supply



Cylinders are used for heating homes around the UK, they can also be used for gas cookers and leisure activities.



Gas tanks provide homes with gas all year round, and are the perfect option if you have the space available.


LPG Gas Appliances

Take a look at our LPG gas appliances for the home; including BBQs and heaters for indoor and outdoor use.

Metered Estates

A metered estate supply is when several houses draw their LPG gas from bulk LPG gas tanks. Each house has a meter that reads how much LPG gas their house has used, just like a main gas supply.

Metered estates information

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