We supply a full range of cylinders for homes and businesses.


Gas cylinders can be used for almost anything that requires a supply of LPG. Very little installation work needs to be done before they can be used and with the use of our changeover valves, you will always have a constant supply.


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Propane Cylinders

Propane is by far the most widely used type of gas that we sell, and it always comes in red bottles. It’s most popular use is for heating homes and businesses, and providing heat for agricultural and industrial purposes. We supply sizes ranging from 4.7kg up to 47kg.

Butane Cylinders

Butane gas is mainly used in cabinet heaters to provide heat in homes, some BBQ’s also use butane. The bottles are always blue and come in a 13kg or 7kg. Our butane bottles all have a 21mm fitting on the top. If you have had butane bottles with a different fitting, we can provide a new 21mm regulator for use with our bottles.

Fork Lift Truck Cylinder

Our fork lift truck bottles all contain 18kg of propane. To differentiate them from normal propane bottles they are painted with a black top. For larger uses we can also supply gas cages to store the bottles safely on your site, or even upgrade you to bulk storage.

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18kg FLT Propane gas bottle

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19kg Propane gas bottle

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47kg ACME Propane gas bottle

R37P v6
£8.50 inc. VAT

Standard Propane regulator 37mbar