Bulk LPG tanks

We can supply bulk LPG tanks to both household or business.

Bulk LPG Tanks

Bulk LPG tanks are the prefect option for you if you are a big gas user at home or for your business. For existing users, we never charge for switching to us, even if we need to install new tanks. For new users, we always survey your site, free of charge, and find the best storage options for you. The tanks we supply range from 450 litres up to 4600 litres.


of our customers stay with us long-term

Above-ground Tanks

Our above-ground tanks are our most popular tanks for business and homes. There come in various sizes and can provide boilers and appliances with a huge amount of power. All our above-ground bulk tanks come with metal lids, and are tested, by us, once every 10 years.

Below-ground tanks

Below-ground tanks provide a great alternative to above-ground tanks. Once installed, all that can be seen is a green lid, under which are all the necessary valves and the contents gauge. We always advise and help customers choose the best option.

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