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We supply propane and butane gas bottles, as well as new LPG gas bulk tanks. We also stock various LPG appliances, including BBQs and valves, and supply to homes, businesses and the trade.

6kg Propane gas bottle

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If you are a new or existing customer and don’t have a bottle to return when we deliver you a new cylinder we apply a cylinder rental change of £35.90.

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A 6kg propane gas bottle is mainly used for caravans, motorhomes and small commercial applications, such as blowtorches.

Capacity: 6kg or 11L

Tare weight (empty): 8kg (approx)

Gross weight (full): 14kg (approx)

Height: 495mm (approx)

Diameter: 256mm (approx)

Recommended maximum offtake: 11kw or 40000 BTU/hr

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